Meet Elisa!

MEET ELISA! Having spent 20+ years as a successful wife, mother and entrepreneur, Elisa has developed an undoubtedly unique and quirky skill set. Socially conscious since childhood, her attitude reflects the philosophy that “every life matters”. As a Positive Change Agent she has made a career of rehabilitating everything from historical homes to rhetorical lives, carefully restoring balance and purpose to each endeavor. A success oriented and organized professional, Elisa strategically provides women of all ages the dynamic opportunity to advance their career, grow a business, grow a garden, balance the work/life equation and design their own futures through purpose driven action, mindfulness and positive change.

Utilizing a strengths based approach in her coaching, clients are encouraged to define their personal success by creating goals and strategies for living an all encompassing life that is full of genuine purpose and meaning. With resonating energy and passion she motivates and inspires audiences to get out of their comfort zone, get their game on and get a front-row seat in their own life!

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